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Certified Prevention Specialist

The Idaho Office of Drug Policy envisions a safe and healthy Idaho free from the devastating impact of substance use on youths, families, and communities. The work of substance misuse prevention professionals has the power to positively impact the health and safety of Idahoans. ODP firmly believes that professionalizing and empowering the prevention workforce is key to combating drug use and related consequences across our state.

The Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS) is one of the fastest-growing credentials in behavioral health and distinguishes substance abuse prevention professionals that have demonstrated competency through experience, education, and supervision.

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A Provisional Prevention Specialist (PPS) is a prevention professional who has received a provisional certification to acquire the education necessary to apply for certification as a CPS. The PPS is an entry-level certification that is not reciprocal with any other state or nation and does not require an examination. It can be renewed once and entails a commitment to seek the experience and education and training required for the CPS certification.

PPS candidates must meet the following requirements within 120 days of hire or initiation of the delivery of prevention service supported by SABG funds:

  • Notify ODP of their intention to obtain PPS certification
  • Complete the following courses and email or mail certificates of completion to ODP:
    • Substance Abuse Prevention Ethics (4 hours)
    • Fundamentals of Prevention (5 hours)

ODP provides an online version of each of these courses. View our Online Training Resources for more information.

Learn More About the CPS Application Requirements and Process  Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning July 1, 2018, at least one staff member in each agency or organization receiving grant funding from ODP that is delivering direct services or coalition activities must hold a Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS) credential.
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